What is Bandalizer?

Bandalizer is a service designed for Bandcamp users. Based on the data extracted from Bandcamp, Bandalizer gives you a better overview on your statistics and helps your reach out to more fans.

How did the name came about?

Bandcamp analizer. Got it, right?

What is Bandcamp?

Bandcamp is an awesome publishing platform where artists can share their music with their audience.

How does Bandalizer work?

After registration all you have to do is upload the two .csv files that you have previously exported from Bandcamp: Mailing list and Sales list. Please note, that Bandalizer does not work without these files. Right, you've uploaded them, what next? Well, just sit back and watch your charts, listings, and marketing tips lay out in front of you in a second. Also, Bandalizer's Sales Prediction engine can give you a bunch of marketing ideas, like when to stick something on your socials, etc. With this knowledge you can be more effective in building your bands fanbase, income and good karma.

What about privacy?

Bandalizer stores data in a secured and encrypted format, locked by your password. Email addresses, purchase data are not traded to third parties. Trust me, I've got my reputation on this service, so it wouldn't be very wise to abuse your data now would it.

How can I join to Bandalizer?

Since Bandalizer works with the statistics supplied by Bandcamp, you need to have a registered account with them first to start using Bandalizer.

Do Bandcamp know about Bandalizer?

Yes of course, and they like it! In fact, they emailed me this the other day: "Bandalizer looks pretty neat - hope it takes off!" So I cannot disappoint them :)

What do you do with the uploaded data?

Bandalizer shows the content of the uploaded data only to you. The email addresses are hidden, your collected mailing list is safe and protected.

What if I want to quit your service?

When you leave Bandalizer, all data belonging to your account will be deleted. If you want to return, you need to register and upload your data again.

Can I use your logo in my homepage/blog?

Of course you can! Here are some sizes:
mini (97x30), small (162x50), mid (324x100), big (712x220)

Email: info@bandalizer.com

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