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my name is Peter Fabok (living 6000 miles from San Francisco), I am a musician and an IT entrepreneur. My Tangram project has been on Bandcamp since 04/2010.

Let me present you Bandalizer, a service that can give you a helping hand for your marketing and music share.

In the last 1.5 years I have tried to create useful spreadsheets with Excel, but to be honest I couldn't quite get my head round it. If you are not an expert in Excel, you know what I am talking about.

Eventually I knocked up an online tool to make "data mining" easier for myself. The more effort I put into it, the more useful it got and today it gives me a bunch of handy tips and ideas (when to share something about my albums, what the geographical consequences of my campaigns are, etc). In the last month I started using it to better plan my communication strategy. And my revenues have grown nearly 10 times bigger than before.

not Photoshop

So I went: "Why not share it all with other musicians?" Well why ever not, so I redesigned the interface to make it nice and clean and released it for public use.

Peter Fabok (Tangram)

Thanks for the support of kkovacs.eu and AMB

Others on Bandalizer

"We are impressed by how much information you are able to squeeze out from the Sales Reports."

Ryan, Bandcamp.com

"Damn what a service! I love you guys! Do you have vacancies there, huh? :)"

Ethereal Riffian

"Last week, I mentioned a new tool for Bandcamp users, which analyzes traffic and tracks sales, among other features. Bandalizer now offers a free option and has been recognized by Bandcamp itself. If you are an artist sharing your music on Bandcamp, I recommend checking it out."

Tina Sieber, MakeUseOf magazine

Email: info@bandalizer.com

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